Dave the 5’3″

I, Dave the 5’3″ am a young man with my mind set on entertaining people, making a name for myself while doing so, and helping up and coming hip-hop artists get the shine they deserve. I got my “education” at a community college getting a Radio Production degree and a Radio Broadcasting Certificate.

I always had a knack for entertaining and making people laugh and from my very first radio class I knew which lane I wanted to take to continue doing just that. I admit I’m a hater and proud of it. There are too many people out there kissing ass to people who they probably can’t stand deep down inside, so why should I go the same route?

For that reason I choose to do internet broad/pod/web casts. I don’t have to please any bosses or follow any company line. I speak my mind on things and don’t care what people have to say about that.

Hopefully you enjoy this and if you don’t, it’s all good, you still got suckered into reading this.

Dave The 5’3″


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