Video of the Day…Late.

I’m lagging on these posts…but that means no over saturation. Any way, get that new SchoolBoy Q….shits ill.

– Dave


Video of the Day….lol

Live to Play Another Day…

Giants head to SF for a shot at more redemption.

New Rick Ross Mixtape

I usually transfer one, maybe two, sometimes three songs from every mixtape or new album I get, to my iphone for go anywhere listening but sometimes there comes mixtape worthy of total listening. Rick Ross’ latest offering is just that.

Download it, if you like dope beats  then of course as always with a Rick Ross project, you will not be disappointed. I think he is probably the best, if not then top 3, when it comes to beat selection.


– Dave

Prodigy On Lethal 2Pac Beef, “I Wanted To Kill That N*gga” [Video] | SOHH.COM



Prodigy On Lethal 2Pac Beef, “I Wanted To Kill That N*gga” [Video] | SOHH.COM.

This is an eye opening revelation, usually rappers stay mum about how serious beefs are but Prodigy is holding nothing back by saying that he wanted to kill Tupac when they were beefing.  The funny thing here is that Prodigy admitted he knew he could get jumped, stabbed, shot, or killed himself and said it was just beef and that he was down with it, but then said this “Thankfully it never went down but it’s bad that he had to die through all that petty beef bullsh*t. It was corny.”

Really? Because he seemed pretty ok with it before Pac died.

– Dave

On to the Next One….

Giants beat the Falcons…shut out by the defense and a good game by the offense…on to Green Bay!

Video of the Day: Feat. Total Fail

FF to 1:18.

Haha man, this has got to be the funniest shit I’ve seen in a minute. All due respect to the dude in the video because I’m on that internet radio tip too, but this is a major fail.

– Dave

(edit: I didn’t even notice that he puts the mic to the ear part of the cell phone too lol, why wont his friends help him out?!)

New Knoc-Turn’al

Nice lil diddy about some mid morning indiscretions, good laid back beat and Knoc’s unique sound are both always a good recipe. Why the hell hasn’t he released more albums?

Knoc-Turn’al – 3 In the Mornin 

– Dave


Can I express my love for this amazing concoction? Yeah, I know it’s unhealthy and sure it will clog my arteries, as a matter of fact I felt it clog them up and could breathe after walking 20 yards at work, but it’s so damn tasty. BTW you just learned another thing about me, I think food is good…unique huh?

– Dave

Video of the Day: Feat. Phil Adè

Pronounced (Aday)