State of Uber Sensitivity

Stop crying America.

There was a day when people could make a joke and it would be taken as just that, a joke. No one would put thought into it or would deeply analyze it to it’s core but these days that’s just not how it goes. No one can say anything about religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation without about 1,000 groups clamoring on about it.

Much like the demise of most American institutions, I say the internet is to blame. Before, someone would need to be on a huge platform to be heard whining. Now-a-days everyone has a platform with the internet. So it is no wonder when the simplest of comments/jokes cause an uproar.

Perfect example, Bill Maher’s recent tweet about Tim Tebow which has people calling for a boycott of HBO (read about it here). I wont post the whole tweet here but what I will do is say it included the names Jesus, Satan, Hitler, and Tebow and there was no comparing going on. Maher did not paint Satan or Hitler in a positive light and did not praise them at all. He made a simple joke, was it in bad taste? Taste is of course relative but to me it wasn’t.

People tend to get way to carried away fighting for a cause and sometimes there just isn’t a cause anywhere to be found in some fights. Lighten up world, stress kills.

– Dave


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