Aubrey the “G”! Drake Gon’ Getcha!

Young Money gave Drake gangsta balls.

Here’s the back story. A creep ass female fan of rapper Drake went and got herself a tattoo of his name on her forehead. The tattoo artist then gets some fame and some interviews on hip-hop sites. He then calls the girl an idiot for getting a tattoo of the “softest motherfucker in hip-hop” and called Drake a “goof nugget”. Now Drake has spoken out about it and has said he wants to kick the tattoo artists ass.

Come on Drake, quit barking. You wont do a damn thing, not because you are soft…which in addition to being corny, you are…but because you know damn well you don’t want to ruin your career. He has talent but he is not built to be talking like a goon. That shit just sounds idiotic to say the least.

– Dave


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