Danny Brown…umm Emo Rapper Looking Guy.

Danny Brown Fires Shots At Mac Miller, “He’s The Worst Guy Around” | SOHH.COM.

Now I’m no fan of Mac Miller, he’s so-so in my book, but look at this Danny Brown kid one time and I dare you to take him seriously as a rapper. He has the nerve to diss Mac? Lol dude you look like a twilight artist, sit down and enjoy your e-fame.

Guys like Brown are a good reason why the internet is to blame for making people like garbage ass rap. He’s a 30 year old rapper going after a kid barely of drinking age.

Why are you mad grandpa? For the record, Danny Brown is 10 times worse than mac miller can ever be. He’s a wanna be Andre 3000 and just sucks.

– Dave


2 responses to “Danny Brown…umm Emo Rapper Looking Guy.

  1. That’s silly that you call Danny Brown a kid in one paragraph, and then a grandpa in the last one…

    Have you even listened to Danny before? I wouldn’t compare him to Andre 3000

    • I can call him anything I want, and I have listened to him. Heard one song and heard enough, in that song he did sound like Andre 3000. Either way it’s ridiculous for a grown man to be hating on a person that much younger than him. Mac Miller has probably realized every dream Danny Brown ever had and then some and his jealousy is right in the open. He’s 30, he should be thankful people even listen to him and just do his own thing.

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