Hands Free Unsafe Too?

Feds: Ban even ‘hands free’ cell use | driving, cell, law – News – The Orange County Register.

Should the use of hands free cell phone use really be banned by the government? How hard is it to talk and drive at the same time? Using a hands free device is safe as can be and where will they stop if they want to stop drivers from being distracted? I mean can’t they make an argument that having a passenger in the car with you is a distraction in itself? Think about it, having someone, or people, in the car is the same as talking on a bluetooth or hands free set, if not more dangerous because there is more room for distraction. Hey while they’re at it, they might as well outlaw all drive-through restaurants because eating while driving is even more dangerous than talking to another person.

I don’t think taking away all cell phone use in cars will lower the risks of driving that much. There are just some people out there who should not be driving period, they swerve in and out of traffic, speed and tailgate, change lanes without looking, and so on. In probably most cases, the person who crashed while texting or on the phone would have crashed doing something else, it’s just inevitable sometimes.

– Dave


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